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"It's Your World" is the current radio program available on the Internet world wide.

“It’s Your World Radio” is a weekly program that presents a large range of programming on music, arts, information, poetry, philosophy, horoscope and the immense scale of human thinking and behavior. It is a program that seeks out and presents local artists to project their portfolio to you the listener, and sponsor. That being said, we invite sponsorship and advertisement by all businesses.

To promote local artists in their activities and goals of enriching the cultural life of British Columbia. While we are proud of the British Columbians who have met with tremendous success and recognition, such as Michael J. Fox, Diana Krall, Bryan Adams, etc, this program will generate economic opportunities for the artists and related businesses. We know that there are countless talented artists who are working very hard and hope to be discovered and recognized, and our agenda is to support them in their endeavors.
2. To promote businesses and organizations which are interested in increasing their market base.
3. To endorse the flourishing cultural and arts scenes which enrich our community.

You can be a sponsor too...
With the payment of a bi-monthly or bi-annual fee, your business or organization is advertised with your radio spots throughout our hourly program. Your products, services, activities and events will be broadcast regularly and one of your representatives will be given an opportunity to do live presentations during our program. By your support you will be aiding our mission to support local artists and keep the cultural scenes alive.

If you would like more information concerning being a sponsor, please feel free to drop us a line at:


You may also Listen to Maria's broadcast via Fairchild Radio

Host name : Maria Fierro
Language : Italian
Program : Italian
Schedule : 96.1FM, Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 am to 8:00 am
96.1FM, Saturday, 1pm to 2pm
AM1470 Sunday, 9:30
Description : The popular music of the peninsula is featured in this music program directed toward our Italian listeners. Effervesant host Maria Fierro guides us through an hour of the tunes of her homeland.